Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't Believe the Numbers!

You should never believe the numbers put out by anybody in the Obama administration, especially from Obama, himself. Obama is KNOWN for “fudging the numbers” every time he puts any out. A good example is the unemployment numbers. He tells you they're at, or about 5%, but they're NOT. But for not counting the MILLIONS of people who have GIVEN UP on ever finding another job, the unemployment numbers would be as high as 14%, or MORE! Hillary, in spite of being the subject of at least one CRIMINAL investigation (probably more than one), continues to “lead” the Democrat lists in the president race. Joe Biden, who hasn't even announced yet, is at about 14%--which I think is a DEMAND from Democrats for him to get in the race and give Hillary a hard time. Obama says Hillary's problems are ALL political, just to stop her from being president. In that, he might be partly right. They're not ALL political, but they ARE to keep her from being president. We don't need another socialist president who is incompetent, as hell, and gets people killed in her incompetence. And that goes especially for Bernie Sanders, an UNAPOLOGETIC socialist. Letting someone like Hillary, OR Bernie sit in the Oval Office is the kind of thing that led to Russia being under the “yoke of communism” for 75 years. (Politicus USA)

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