Sunday, October 4, 2015

Keep Illegals From Voting!

Liberals whine about us trying to keep whole blocs of people from voting. They want people to believe we want to keep LEGAL voters from voting, which, as usual with liberals, is a lie. Everybody who is LEGALLY in America should be able to exercise the same rights as all legal citizens. But NOT those who came here ILLEGALLY, whether as adults, or children, and are still illegals. Non-citizens should NEVER be allowed to vote in our elections. There should be a law SPECIFICALLY disallowing it, and measures instituted to prevent it (even though it is ALREADY the law, but they will ignore it). But that probably will never happen as long as one Democrat draws breath. They see every one of those who sneaked across our border as a vote for Democrats, and they don't EVER want to prevent that. That's why they're so adamant about preventing us from instituting picture IDs in order to vote. If a voter has to actually PROVE he/she is who he/she says he/she is, they can't vote several times for a Democrat, and an illegal alien, who usually has no legal picture ID cannot vote, period. They don't want that. They figure that will cost them millions of illegal votes. Votes they count on to win elections. But we need some courageous politicians to sponsor, and vote for such a measure—or just make sure election officials (who are mostly Democrats) enforce current laws. (Just common sense)

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