Thursday, October 29, 2015

"He Needs to Be Shot"

HE NEEDS TO BE SHOT: By his own thinking. D. Watkins is a fool who thinks EVERYBODY who buys a gun, legal or illegal, should be shot. Meanwhile, he admits to owning at least TWO guns, bought illegally. He was under age when he bought his first one, “on the street.” And he daily took it to school with him, in Baltimore, a city with some of the tightest “gun laws” known to man. He apparently doesn't understand that he agrees with me that EVERYBODY ought to be able to be armed, just to stay alive. He says, “I'd prefer to be caught WITH a fun than without one. But in his muddled thinking, he thinks everybody who buys a gun (except him, of course) ought to be shot, just for buying it, Of course, he, by his own admission, still has at least TWO guns. He says, “It's easier to get guns than jobs in East Baltimore.” He thinks that proves that the guns, themselves, are to blame. But it is the PEOPLE who MISUSE them that are to blame.
He just can't see it. He says, “we got our guns, too” (ILLEGALLY, in spite of the law, which again proves that laws against buying guns don't stop illegal gun buying). He thinks that's justification for people buying guns for self-defense (like he did) should get them all killed. Such muddy thinking is what PASSES for knowledge where he lives. He can't see that it is the PEOPLE where he lives that make guns dangerous, not the guns, themselves. It's the ILLEGAL buying of guns and the willingness to shoot and kill over trifles that makes it wrong. Most people aren't that way. They don't go around killing people for imagined dalliances with girls. What we need to do is teach people that killing others over small things is NOT “normal” and to keep their guns in their pockets unless threatened. I have owned guns, and have had a “carry permit.” And I have killed NO ONE. And I have lived in the same world as he has, for a lot longer than he has.

I have never seen anybody murdered, except on TV (and that was phony) or in one of those abominable Islamic terrorist beheading videos. Maybe Watkins should “wake up” and understand that it is HIS society that promotes not only ILLEGAL gun buying, but promiscuous murder and self-defense with a gun, as well. Intelligent people don't go around shooting each other over the “smallest slight,” imagined or not. He's right that they should do a better job of “rooting out” the illegal gun sellers, and they could if they didn't have to spend their time and money monitoring and controlling LEGAL gun sales while the ILLEGAL gun sales continue uncontrolled. It appears, looking at the photo accompanying this article, that he knows as little about gun safety as does the best-known,”anti-gun fool,” Sen. Diane Feinstein as he has two guys point guns at his head with their fingers on the triggers. He's probably lucky to be alive, since their fingers didn't slip. (Bearing Arms)

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