Friday, October 30, 2015

Open Season on Cops

What do you do if you're a cop who stops a young driver (white or black) for a bona-fide violation and he (or she) refuses to cooperate, deciding to attack you and get your gun? If it evolves into a life-threatening situation, as it did with that giant "kid" in Ferguson, MO, who is trying his best to kill you? What do you do? Let him/her kill you “because it's just a kid?” You can get killed by a kid as easily as by an old, grizzled man. You're just as dead. He doesn't have a gun, you say? That Brown kid didn't have a gun, but he still could have killed the cop. Trevon Martin was “just a kid,” too. And while he was banging George Zimmernan's head against the concrete sidewalk, beating his brains out, he got shot. (Yeah, I know, Zimmerman was not a cop, but Martin WAS “just a kid” who could have killed him. I know there are other cases like these—many of them.

We don't know all the intimate details of them. Cops are out there with “targets on their backs” and, if they overdo it, there are ways to deal with that without killing them from ambush. That will only make things worse. They'll become “super conscious” of the danger and WILL “shoot first and ask questions later,” which will make it a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” And even more people will die, black AND white. Yes, don't stand by and let such things happen. But DO wait a bit until ALL the facts are in before you “go off the deep end” on an individual case, unlike the “authorities” in Baltimore did when they indicted six cops in the death of Freddy Gray, who killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate cops by banging his head against the wall, soon after his back surgery. The point is, going out and killing cops is the wrong answer, and one proffered by the criminals, themselves, to “get the cops off their backs.” Don't buy into it. (Town Hall)

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