Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Typical Liberal Politician

He says, “I hope tragedy will inspire action.” But what he means is, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.” Meaning, when bad things happen, use them to gain your goals. In this case, he means more inane gun laws that do nothing except create more and more unarmed victims for criminals, who don’t obey laws. For him right now, it means passing laws to make gun owners register their guns so the government will know where the guns are and who has them when time comes to confiscate them. Other than that, it does NOTHING to cut gun violence, since criminals ignore such laws. They keep doing this over and over again, even though all it does is let them, MAYBE, find the owner of a certain gun that MIGHT have been used in a crime—AFTER the crime is done and the bodies are buried. Politicians like this have no imagination. These laws have failed to “combat crime,” ever. But they keep making them. People tell them these laws are useless, but they aren’t listening. They just want to disarm the honest people while doing NOTHING to disarm the criminals and the crazies. Now he’ll probably criticize me for using the word, “crazies” to divert attention from my point. (Last Resistance)

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