Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bounty for Zimmerman

These fools need to be “reined in” before they get more people killed. The “New Black Panthers,” wearing phony “military-style” uniforms (all with :”officer's brass” they never earned), made a video offering a bounty for George Zimmerman's “capture.” I couldn't watch the whole video because I refuse to “suffer fools” gladly. But I wonder what they mean by “capture.” What will they do with him when (IF) they “capture” him? “Try” him, and KILL him? It's supposed to be illegal these days to offer “bounties” on people. Will anybody do anything about these fools? Doubtful. They're “useful idiots” for Obama and his liberal dumb-butts. So he'll put out the word to leave them alone, just as he did when they clearly violated election laws by blocking the entrance to a voting place wearing similar “cop-like” uniforms and carrying “batons.” But the fact remains that IF they “capture” him, that will be a felony for all involved, and Obama will likely see to it nothing is done about it, even if they kill him. (You Tube)

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