Saturday, October 10, 2015

What They Don't Talk About

All those “useful idiots” who constantly talk about cops “shooting black men”who are probably in the midst of committing a crime when shot, never talk about the other things cops do. Like the one pictured in the story linked here, who was “comforting a baby” at an accident scene in which that child was involved. They never talk about things like this. They only want to point out the few times when a cop MAY have shot an unarmed black man. Meanwhile, they create a situation that might make their predictions come true as cops, knowing they're “targets,” become “super touchy” and are prone now to “shoot first and ask questions later.” Cops are human. They aren't “static targets.” They shoot back, and now, knowing they are targets, will probably shoot quicker, thus becoming a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” (Conservative Tribune)

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