Friday, October 9, 2015

You've Been Warned

A Chinese woman who has LIVED under communism in China says “Common Core” is the same thing she saw in communist China as communism was sneakily “taking over.” She should know. She was there. She LIVED it. Don't ignore what she says. If you do, you WILL suffer if you allow this to be instituted here. Communism is slowly and sneakily ”taking over” here, just as it did in China—and we MUST put a stop to it. We can't do that by allowing them to quietly institute their collectivist systems into our culture. I know whenever I use the word “communism,” your eyes “glaze over” because they have the world convinced that “communism is dead,” because it “collapsed” in Russia. But it will NEVER die so long as ONE dedicated communist remains alive—and there are many of them, both here, and living in the numerous countries still ruled by communism and communists. You have been warned. Now DO something to prevent it. Notice that the SAME PEOP0LE are still in charge in Russia. They just SAY they're “not communists any more.” (Freedom Outpost)

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