Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Should Carson Resign?

Muslims have put out the word: They want Dr. Ben Carson to RESIGN from the presidential race because he doesn't think we should elect a Muslim to the presidency. So what? Who the hell cares what Muslims think? I'm getting very tired of their meddling in American affairs after they move here (legally or illegally) to “get away from Muslim rules and then set out to change us to a Muslim society and bring those rules here. If they came here to escape a Muslim society, why are they meddling so much to change this into one? The answer is they DIDN'T come here to ESCAPE Muslim rules, they came here to increase the Muslim population enough so THEY can make OUR rules. It's an INVASION without guns. At least, for now. Nihad Awad, boss of CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations), a terrorist supporting organization, is the main one who said he should resign. But who cares what he thinks? I certainly don't, and neither does any THINKING American. (Independent Review)

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