Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bernie: "Obama Lite?"

No. Bernie is “Obama, MoreSo.” Obama promised “change..” From what to what, he never defined. But now it has become evident he meant to “change” us from the free market (which is what made us great, and the destination of choice for people who wanted to better themselves) to socialism, the system of failure. But he hasn't quite “finished the job,” and Bernie (an ADMITTED socialist) means to finish it. He talks of “transforming America,” which is just another way to say, “change.” Hillary is as much a socialist as either of them, but she tries to hide it. Although you can see it in everything she supports. Such as free college for everyone. Increased welfare. Everything she supports are more “freebies,” paid for by those who are capable and willing to produce new wealth. She wants to TAKE some of that new wealth for the unearned benefit of her supporters.

That IS socialism. The system that kept Russia in slavery for 75 years before it “collapsed of its own weight.” “But that was COMMUNISM, you say?” Communism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Socialism is another, with only “cosmetic differences.” Both are based on the same motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, ans TO each according to his NEED,” MAKING need A demand ON THE EARNINGS OF OTHERS. Communism “collapsed” in Russia, proving it was a “system of failure.” But Russia is STILL socialist, and the SAME PEOPLE are still in charge. Vladmir Putin is a former leader in the KGB (whatever name it used at different times) and the other “leaders” are also former communist “officials” who say they're “no longer communists. Mikhail Gorbachev infamously told his lawmaking body as Russian communism was “collapsing,” “Don't worry. The supposed “collapse of communism here is simply a ruse to put America to sleep. Socialism remains.”

And he was right. It DID “put us to sleep. Ask the “Average American today, and he will tell you “communism no longer exists in the world,” and that was Gorbachev's plan. “One step back, then two steps forward.” (A usual communist scam). The sad thing is that most of our top politicians also believe it. In their incompetence, they were easily fooled. You mention communism today, and people's eyes “glaze over.” But communism remains as a powerful foe in many countries, China the biggest. One of the smaller ones is Cuba, and Obama is in the process of “normalizing relations” with them. It exists in many other countries, as well, under many names (to fool the world). Communism remains the biggest threat to our freedom, with Islam a close second. If we don't wake up soon, one or the other is going to engulf us. Obama refuses to even USE the words, “Islamic terrorism.” You can't fight evil if you won't even name it. The same thing applies to communism, or socialism, two forms of the same failing philosophy. (Twitchy)

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