Monday, October 12, 2015

92% In Gun-Free Zones

Two of the most cherished laws by the “gun-grabbers” are their “gun-free zones” and “background checks.” Both were violated by the shooter in the Oregon college shooting that killed NINE people and wounded another 7. The “gun-grabbers” are making a “big thing” about those guns being "legal,” completely forgetting that the guns he had were first brought onto the school grounds ILLEGALLY because in the U. S., EVERY SCHOOL; is a “gun-free zone.” An he passed every “background check” he was subjected to under their laws, and still was able to collect 13 guns and kill nine people. So NONE of their damned laws had ANY effect on his ability to get his guns and go out and kill people. Which proves, AGAIN, that the laws they pass can DO NOTHING to “prevent gun violence.” The fact is that 92% of such mass shootings HAPPEN in “gun-free zones.” So what the hell GOOD are they? Meanwhile, many of the shooters easily pass their highly vaunted “background checks.” as did this killer and the killer of those television people, and many other mass shooters. So what they hell good are THEY? Fact is, none of their highly touted “gun laws” do ANYTHING to stop these people from their murderous desires. So why do they waste the time and money to PASS them? Why? Because politicians want to DISARM all Americans so their thugs won't meet a gun when they come to take what's ours and enslave us. They couldn't care less about “gun violence.” (Breitbart)

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