Sunday, October 18, 2015

The "97% Myth"

AlGore's “believers” will quickly tell you that “97% of scientists “believe” in global warming (or climate change, or whatever he calls it this week). That's supposed to convince you that this con is real. But what they mean is they “cherry-picked) 77 “scientists,” most of whom have gotten “grants” (bribes) from global warming promoters to back up their computer models as fact, and 97% of THEM agreed that “climate change” was man-created. Another one of their cons is to say that “Climate change is settled science” because a MAJORITY of “scientists” agree it is real, and man-caused. What they don't tell you is that scientific truth is NOT “a consensus” of scientists' “beliefs.” What is, IS. Regardless of somebody's “belief.” That's a fact. This is a typical con man's scam to convince non-believers. Failing that, he (and his acolytes) want the government to JAIL non-believers who have the temerity to SAY so. Which tells me they've run out of arguments. (Steyn Online)

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