Friday, October 23, 2015

The Lesson of Gun Control

Ben Carson was right when he said “gun control, plus propaganda dissemination” was largely responsible for their success in subjugating the German people. When a would-be dictator wants to “take over,” the first thing he does is DISARM the people, as Obama and all the current Democrat presidential candidates want to do. They whine about “gun crime,” but all the laws they propose (and pass) do NOTHING to stop gun violence. All they do is DISARM people who OBEY such laws, wrong though they may be. So what is their purpose? Each one of the Democrat candidates, AND Obama want to be a dictator. The “limitations” they all promote on the American people show that, every day. Hillary, for example, is a “firm believer” in their brand of “gun control,” as is Bernie Sanders. You KNOW Obama's position on it. Yes, I know, the Jews didn't like guns, anyway. But the rest of the German people DID. And Hitler effectively used the lack of guns among the German people as a means to subjugate them. The only bright spot was the Warsaw Jews, who fought them hard and long before they were beaten. (Eagle Rising)

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