Friday, October 16, 2015

Symbol For Life

Gary Varvel is my favorite editorial cartoonist, for a good reason. He hits it right on the head very often. This particular cartoon is a perfect illustration of how life IS. A sign saying, “Gun Free Zone” full of bullet holes. A perfect illustration of the STUPIDITY of thinking a law will keep people from doing what they want. That's why there are cops. To arrest those who ignore laws. Who, with INTELLIGENCE, believes a CRIMINAL will not bring his guns into a “gun-free zone?” An anti-gun freak, that's who! They have so little intelligence, I'm surprised most of them are still alive. But they DO have enough intelligence to HIRE their gun-carriers. Most of them go about behind a WALL of ARMED “security.” But us “peasants” can't afford to hire people to carry our guns for us. So we need to be armed, ourselves, so we can start on an “even playing field” (one of the liberals' favorite mottoes) with the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, who obey NO laws. (Gary Varvel)

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