Monday, October 19, 2015

"We Can't Have That!"

Fracking (shale oil, something Ayn Rand predicted long ago) has made America number one in oil production in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, an “environmental group” backed by Obama has released a report that movers us in the direction of putting a stop to that, and return us to being dependent upon Arabs, who HATE us, for the bulk of the oil we use. Meanwhile, while we depend on oil for our very survival (with NOTHING in the offing to replace it) he wants to shut that industry down, too. At the same time, he has BRAGGED about the fact that he wants to BANKRUPT the COAL industry, which we depend on (again, with nothing in the offing to replace it).

It seems like this man seems bound and determined to RUIN the energy business, with not only all the jobs and money it creates, but the things we NEED to stay alive, as well. Is he STUPID? Or does he just hold an unreasoning hatred for the American people and all they stand for? He already has put MILLIONS out of work, while causing more millions to lose their health insurance, while spending more money than there IS! What MORE does he want to do to DESTROY us? (Town Hall Finance)

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