Monday, October 19, 2015

Was It A Gaffe?

Liberals are saying Dr. Ben Carson (presidential candidate on the Republican side) made “another gaffe” when he compared America to Nazi Germany. Only one problem. He didn't. He did NOT say the “holocaust” was CAUSED by gun control, only that gun control FACILITATED it, even though Warsaw Jews did have guns and it took him a long time to beat them. And there IS a comparison between the holocaust, where the German people either closed their eyes to the unwarranted killing of the Jews or actively participated in it. Our OWN holocaust is at Planned Parenthood, where they have MURDERED millions of babies, primarily black ones. American citizens are actively “looking the other way” while this killing and selling of tiny body parts is going on, and some are , like in Nazi Germany, PARTICIPATING. I know that gun control wasn't a “causative factor” in the German holocaust, but it WAS a “contributing factor” in the overall. The Holocaust was CAUSED by “unreasoning hatred of Jews, PUSHED by the Nazi government, and carried out by them. Today's holocaust was ALSO caused by an unreasoning hatred of blacks by an organization STARTED by a racist, who wanted to “get rid of” as many black babies as possible. There's a REASON why most of their “clinics” are located in black areas. That's where most of their customers are. Of course, liberals will miss the point of this item altogether and call ME a racist for MENTIONING “black people.” But truth is truth, and I only deal in truth. (Allen West)

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