Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Carson's In Trouble Again

As usual, the liberals are criticizing him for telling the truth. He said, “We shouldn’t give away our values for the sake of political correctness.” Then he added that conservatives have, “no desire whatsoever to hurt the poor ... but I believe in true compassion, providing the poor with a mechanism to climb the ladder of success. False compassion is patting them on the head and saying, ‘You can’t take care of yourself and I’m going to give you food stamps, a housing subsidy and free health care and all the things you need so you can stay dependent and vote for me.’ ” I'm afraid Ben is going to “stay in trouble” with liberals, because, unlike politicians, he doesn't “mince words” in answering ”gotcha questions” from reporters who only want to hurt his candidacy. If Trump ends up “flopping,” as liberals keep telling us he will, Ben is the man I want in the White House. I know I can depend on his word, unlike the present occupant. (Eagle Rising)

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