Friday, March 4, 2016

Time Doesn't Excuse It

HIllary asked a congressional committee who asked her about her actions on Benghazi that got four people, including an ambassador killed, “What does it matter now?” As if it no longer mattered that her incompetence got those people killed, because time had passed. Now former KKK Grand Kleagle David Duke invokes the “passage of time” factor when a TV interviewer asked him about his connection to that racist organization started to be the “army” of the Democrat Party.” He “exploded” and said, “The KKK is no longer relevant!” as if that were true for the thousands of people the Klan MURDERED back then, and who knows? Maybe now, too? That's what liberals do when their past crimes are brought up today. They say the “passage of time” makes what happened a long time "ago irrelevant.” One liberal politician was recently heard to say, “What people say now about that makes no difference” when asked about his illegal activities of a few years ago. Watch for it. It'll happen again, over and over, as the crimes of those liberals are brought up. (The Blaze)

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