Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hillary Vastly Overrated

So many people are convinced that Hillary Clinton would “cream” whoever wins the Republican nomination, it makes me sick. Even my doctor, who seems to me to be a good conservative (or at least not a liberal) says she will “crush” Trump if she runs against him. I think the main problem is, too many people have been watching and reading the LIBERAL media, which has continued the “drumbeat” that Hillary is :invincible” for so long, they have come to believe it. They have been brainwashed. And they have brainwashed many of us, which is their plan. On what do they base their contention? Hillary has had only ONE real competitor in her quest for the presidency, and he is an ADMITTED socialist, something that once would have been a political DEATH SENTENCE in this country, while Trump started out with 17 opponents and they have been “falling by the wayside,” one by one, until he now has only five, and I expect we'll lose some of them after “Super Tuesday.”

Yet with only ONE competitor whose political views are an anathema to most Americans who don't want a “free ride,” she has been hard-put to stay EVEN with him until today, when she FINALLY took a bigger lead (for now). Meanwhile, Trump, while dividing support between FIVE or more candidates, has (except for one or two exceptions) mostly maintained a BIG lead over the rest. On what basis do people think Hillary would “crush” any opposition? Whether or not Hillary is indicted before the election, I think her legal troubles, plus being a socialist, are an “anchor” around her political neck that will drag her down. That is while not even mentioning her own socialist tendencies, which she vehemently denies (methinks she doth protest too much). Trump has no such “anchor,” although the Democrats (and some Republicans) have tried valiantly to attach one to him. They say he's a “bully,” but that's what we NEED now. Hillary is just a “screaming meemie” who screams at her supporters, hoping her screams will convince them. They're trying to pull Trump down, but they'll all have to thinik differently when they have to call him, “Mister President.” (Just common sense)

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