Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Comparing Apples And Oranges

Many people think Hillary will CRUSH Trump, because she has been constantly at the front of the Democrat nomination process. But they fail to consider that she only has ONE candidate opposing her, and he is an ADMITTED socialist, while she is an UNADMITTED socialist, at best. Meanwhile, Trump has FIVE candidates opposing him, and started with 17, who further dilute his support while they are still there. That's TWO in the Democrat Party to “divvy up” the candidates, and SIX in the GOP Party to “divvy up” their delegates. And Trump still stays on top. Couple that with the fact that the Democrats CONTROL the electoral process nationwide, and you add in the fact that in one state Bernie WON, Hillary got more delegates out of it, which make HER the real winner. Plus, when the Democrats say there is little or no “electoral fraud” it ignores the fact that the Democrats CONTROL the electoral process and can MINIMIZE the discovery of electoral fraud that there is by their very RULES. In other words, “the fix is in for Democrats” so they can do what they want. The Republicans need to go after the electoral process voting, which is usually not noted much in the liberal media and take away some of that control from the Democrats. (Just common sense)

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