Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Iraq was A Disaster"

That's what Trump trumpets, but he's wrong. We won in Iraq in a week, and the only reason we were still there was to ”clean up, and make sure Iraq STAYS won. Enter Barack Obama, the Islamic terrorist's best friend, who instructed his people to “cut and run.” THAT'S when Iran became a “disaster.” Afghanistan, too. That was in NO WAY Bush's fault. The Taliban is becoming stronger every day there because we left. And there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But after Bush gave Saddam 11 month's notice he was going to invade, he got rid of them, sending them to Syria, where they remain, to this day. And are being USED. Remnants have been found, but not publicized by the liberal media, so people like Trump don't know that. He believes what he's been told about it, and that is WRONG. (Just common sense)

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