Friday, March 4, 2016

Stupid Gun-Free Zones

Business owners that post signs making their businesses “gun-free zones” are telling people several things. First, they're telling “concealed carriers” they don't want their business. Take their money elsewhere. They're telling ALL their customers that theirs is a “more dangerous” place to be, because their sign is telling people who want to come in and shoot up the place there will most likely be no guns there to oppose them. So “come on in an shoot us up.” Gun-free zones have PROVEN to be more dangerous than other places, so people should stay away if they want to stay alive. People who want to bring their guns and kill people are much more likely to seek out a “gun-free zone” in which to do their “dirty work.” Known mass shooters have SAID they “seek out” such places because they want to be able to kill more people while the cops are “on the way.” But fools who believe in “gun free zones” are oblivious to facts. They just want to think they're “doing something” about “gun violence.” One hopes they do not DIE from their ignorance. (Eagle Rising)

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