Monday, February 29, 2016

They're Really Frightened

All the pundits (on both sides) have been wrong for so long, nobody even reads them any more. They've tried everything they could think of to derail Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency. Every time he makes an outlandish statement, they say,”That's it. He's done.” But he wasn't. He “doubled down” and kept on “steaming” onward to his destination. Now reality is setting for most pundits and they realize he just MIGHT be the Republican nominee, after all, in spite of their best efforts. Now they're beginning to paint him as a CRIMINAL, and in cahoots with "The Mob." One of the latest articles is titled, “Donald Trump, King of Sleaze,” citing dubious “facts” to back themselves up. But I predict that that will not work, either, since most of the people now in office (mostly on the Democrat side, but some Republicans, too) ARE criminals. Some nearing being “found out” and prosecuted, Like Hillary, and Leland Yee, the California senator known for his anti-gun activities, who is now sentenced to Five years in prison for “running guns.” so they're “pulling out all the stops,” and you can only expect it to get worse as he progresses toward being elected.(Rebecca Hegelin)

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