Monday, February 15, 2016

Denying Self Defense

Hillary wants to deny everybody who isn't using guns for hunting, shooting practice, or collecting, the right to have a gun. That “list” suspiciously leaves out “self defense.” Seems like every “gun law” they make makes it harder on law-abiding people to defend themselves, while IGNORING the very obvious fact that criminals are NOT affected. I think they WANT us to be defenseless against criminals because they feel an affinity with them, being criminals, themselves. It's becoming obvious, even to those who pay no attention at all, that every “law” they make makes it easier for criminals to victimize honest people. They HATE laws allowing us to be armed and well able to repulse criminals and their ILLEGAL guns. Every time we suggest anything that will help us defend ourselves, they not only oppose it, they ridicule the people supporting it, calling them paranoid. But it's not paranoia, if people actually WANT to hurt you, which they do. Not just criminals and crazies, but Islamic terrorists, too, which Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, many at OUR taxpayer expense. And I think that begins with the “gun-grabbers.” Who, of course, go around SURROUNDED by gun-toting “security.” (Just common sense)

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