Saturday, February 27, 2016

Who's "Dying In the Streets?"

Trump says he favors universal health care of some kind because he “doesn't want to see people “dying in the streets.” The liberals, who are pushing universal health care, the harbinger of socialism, push the idea of people “dying in the streets,” and he has bought it. There's one problem: NOBODY is “dying in the streets” except those who have run up against “liberal policies.” It's a MYTH, created to support the government (YOU) paying for the medical care of everybody else. Another of the STUPID things the liberals have foisted upon us is the belief that you shouldn't be refused insurance on the basis of “pre-existing conditions.” It's stupid because, under that concept, a person could wait until he gets cancer, and THEN buy health insurance. That's not “insurance,” it's WELFARE.” If I were to write a book entitled, “Introduction to Socialism,” the first chapter would be about eliminating pre-existing conditions as a bar to getting health insurance. Selling health insurance to somebody who already HAS cancer is the HEIGHTS of stupidity. (Just common sense)

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