Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blaming Someone else

Liberal Democrats blame Indiana for THEIR "gun problems." As usual. Valerie Jarrett, former Chicago resident, and current senior adviser to Barack Hussein Obama, blames INDIANA and it's “lax gun laws” for all the gun violence in Chicago. Never mind that Indiana, with it's “lax gun laws,” has a lot LESS GUN VIOLENCE than does Chicago, with it's TIGHT gun laws that only keep honest people DISARMED. She fully supports prosecuting those who bring Indiana (and from elsewhere) guns to Chicago to sell out of their trunks in back alleys, as do I. But the problem is NOT with LAW-ABIDING people, it is with ILLEGAL gun sales, whatever the origin of the guns. Forcing people to go through background checks and jump through all kinds of other hoops to get a gun is NOT the answer because criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists don't usually GET their guns in a legal gun store, nor do they usually submit to a background check, because they PLAN on using their gun to kill innocent people and don't want the government to know who they are. (Daily Caller)

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