Sunday, February 28, 2016

Did Obama Kill Scalia?

t's really strange. Obama swore that gun control would be his focus in his last year in office. Then the “rock against gun control” in the Supreme Court went on a hunting trip to Texas, staying at a ranch known to be owned by an Obama friend, where he was found conveniently dead by that Obama friend, with a pillow over his head. Releasing a body that was not under a doctor's care at his death was contrary to police procedure, everywhere. But this body was sent to Washington for burial with NO auriopsy, in the possession of the federal government, just as if nobody suspected that this VERY convenient death was under NO suspicion, at all. The body was put into the possession of the very people who MIGHT have murdered him after NO AUTOPSY was performed to find out if he really did die of a heart attack, or was murdered. That was either very careless on the part of local authorities or it was a murder coverup. You decide. The decision not to perform an autopsy was made by a justice of the peace who was NOT on the scene and an inquest was held BY PHONE by a judge with NO medical training whatsoever. This is a CLASSIC government coverup of a political murder, or it is a classic case of INCOMPETENCE on the part of the locals? Or both? (Preserve Freedom)

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