Monday, February 1, 2016

Dedicated Cop Disarmed

A decorated cop disarmed: Why? Because he can't sleep at night, and sought treatment for it. So now he has to give up his guns. A decorated cop and a Navy veteran who has never misused a gun, not even while he can't sleep. This 30-year retired cop had his guns confiscated after an obviously incompetent doctor mistakenly diagnosed him as “unstable” during a hospital stay to treat INSOMNIA. He is now suing the State of New York, alleging that Gov. Cuomo and other officials violated his Second Amendment rights. This is an example of what can happen in today's INSANITY over “gun control.” It's unconstitutional as hell, but they do it, anyway, and force those injured by their actions to spend money to go to court and get it reversed—after MONTHS, sometimes YEARS of enforcing their “flights of fancy” on many innocent people. They'll try ANY TRICK to take your guns away. In the North East now, and where YOU live, next. (Survival Joe)

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