Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Typical Stupid Democrat

Mayor Svante Myrick, of Ithica, NY wants to allow addicts to “shoot up” in a “hospital setting” where they can be safe, instead of a back alley or a restroom stall,and legally. He's an ex-addict, himself, and knows what those addicts face, he says. Seems to me an ex heroin addict ought to be smarter than to want to HELP heroin addicts kill themselves. Slowly, but a bit more quickly than before. He wants them to live long enough to die from heroin use. Myrick is a Democrat, of course, in New York, where a bunch of other STUPID liberals live. It pains me when such stupid people get elected to political office. It seems like there is nothing that could be in their background that will bar them from political office. So Ithica elected a Democrat “cleaned up” (maybe) mayor and now he's (as usual) pushing his stupid ideas on the citizens of that city. (Mail News)

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