Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Was Scalia Murdered?

I don't know. It just seems to be WRONG that they didn't perform an autopsy on him and even conducted the inquest by phone! If I died without a doctor in attendance, there WOULD be an autopsy. Especially if I was found with a pillow on my head, unless the cops were ORDERED to ignore this “red flag” by the feds. Same with anybody else. But not for Scalia. Why? One of the factors the judge who certified his death as “natural” talked about was that his doctor thought they didn't want to take the chance of killing him with an operation to fix his shoulder injury because he was “too weak.” That his high blood pressure and possible heart problems prevented it. I have exactly the same problem. I need operations on two of my legs to correct the reasons why I can barely walk. They would be simple operations, but the doctors don't want to take the chance. I could probably use a coronary bypass, but for the same reasons, they don't want to do it (Neither do I).

I don't want to go through that again) But otherwise, I am NOT “sickly” or “weak.” Except for being unable to do much walking, I'm in seemingly good health. But if they found me dead with a pillow over my face, would they depart from usual ROUTINE and forego an autopsy? And have an inquest by PHONE? Not a chance. I'm not saying he was murdered. But under the circumstances, where his opinion is as important as it is to the liberal intelligentsia, murder is an obvious possibility, since there is ample evidence that liberals have killed before to advance their ideas. Killing Scalia would give Obama a chance to change the makeup of the Court, making it heavily LIBERAL for generations, and Obama is just the sort of man who might actually resort to murder, justifying it as “necessary” so he can “get on with his agenda” by removing a major blockage to his ideas. He thinks he is right on all issues, and that people who are against him are criminals or racists. With Scalia right in front. So why did Texas officials depart from “routine” and refuse to do an autopsy, which they would do on anybody else under similar circumstances? (The Blaze)

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