Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peaceful Race Relations

Hope for peaceful race relations is bleak. Why is that? Because that's how Obama wants it. It makes him more powerful if one group is pitted against another. He can make more laws and regulations to control people more completely if they're fighting amongst themselves. In addition, they don't pay any attention to the fool things he does. He USES racism for his own purposes. He told us that, if we elected him, that would forever destroy racism. That was one of his first lies to the nation on a presidential level. Further, he does all he can to FEED what racism still exists. Aside from CHOOSING to be black (he's only half black) so he can blame ALL his opposition on racism, he works tirelessly to “whip up” racism by reading racism into many innocent activities.

The rise of the “Black Lives Matter' movement is all part of that. Another example is the black boycott against the Oscars who are whining that no blacks have been nominated this year, calling THAT racism. Today's racism is not the same as your father's racism. Today, it is BLACK racism against WHITE people. White racism against black people was almost gone when he took over. Otherwise, why would America elect a half-black man rumored to have been born in Yemen, president? But now it is increasing because of the black racism against whites, which is now in danger of overrunning the nation. It is now in danger of being “enshrined” into law, as the old “white against black” racism used to be. Blacks used to be resentful about “black only” water fountains. Now, flushed with success, they're now DEMANDING “black only water fountains.” (Town Hall)

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