Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's a "Social Democrat?"

One that's a collectivist (socialist, communist, Marxist, etc.) and doesn't want to admit it. Though Bernie Sanders does admit being a socialist, but he calls that “social Democrat” to avoid equating it with the flawed system that has FAILED in so many places when tried, like the Soviet Union, for instance. It took them 75 years to collapse, but collapse, they did. As will ALL regimes based on collectivism, eventually, since collectivism produces NOTHING. It merely STEALS the product of the production of people with the WILL to produce new wealth by their ideas and labors, to give that stolen, UNEARNED, to those who will not, or can not produce. Those who cannot produce whine about all the “rich people” who DID produce new wealth, and thus profited from it. But those people did them no wrong. They did THEMSELVES a wrong by refusing to go to school, or to learn a trade that is in demand. So now they whine about those who DID. They made the wrong decisions in life, and now they're paying the price,” and blaming “the rich” for their woes. (Town Hall)

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