Friday, February 19, 2016

Rubio: "Obama Not Incompetent"

Trump has attacked Rubio for repeating a “20 second prepared speech” about Obama not being incompetent. And he's RIGHT. He's just not doing a very good job of disclosing the LOGIC in that. Nor is Trump getting the point. The statement is NOT a “memorized “20 second statement repeated over and over." The point is that it is NOT “a memorized 20 second statement to be repeated over and over." It is repeated over and over to bring out the IMPORTANT point that Obama is VERY competent, and the crappy things he does while making people THINK he is incompetent is a MASK for the very real fact that he is working HARD to “bring this country down” as a FREE-MARKET NATION so he can transform it into a SOCIALIST nation. He doesn't care what people think of him, he can't LEGALLY RE-ELECTED. He gets away with it because he has been successful in convincing people he IS incompetent. But everything he has done that will “bring this country down” economically has been done purposefully. When Trump attacks a man for that, I begin to wonder if he really IS a good prospect to be president, if he can't spot that obvious scam. Of course, a KNOWN left-wing nut paper (NY Times) says what Rubio says is, “code talk to right-wing conspiracy nuts." Of course, what he said couldn't POSSIBLY be true, to them.(NY Times)

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