Thursday, February 18, 2016

GOP Just Doesn't Get It!

They have a “dream candidate.” One who meets, and BEATS every trap the Democrats (and Republicans) set for him, coming out better each time. He beat them ALL in New Hampshire. He won every category by HUGE margins. Meanwhile, the Democrats have two “old folks” vying over how much each can give away the most taxpayer money (nothing against “old folks, I'm one of them). To the “drones” of society. Two WHITE socialists (no blacks here, folks), one of which ADMITS it, the other of which DENIES she is a socialist, but who claims to still be a leader by virtue of her SECOND PLACE finish in New Hampshire, in a two-person race. Trump won BIG against seven or eight strong candidates, who are ALL against him.

Meanwhile, the Democrats rail against the problems THEY created, pretending they had nothing to do with it. The GOP is “steaming steadily” toward RUIN if they're successful in “getting rid” of Trump,who is the strongest candidate they've ever had, beating not only the Democrats, but the Republican establishment, too. Such an action guarantees LOSS in November if they do manage to scrape Trump off the board, but I don't think that's going to happen. Nobody thinks anything about the Democrat WINNER in the New Hampshire primary meeting with known race whore Al, uh, Sharpton the very next morning (Bernie couldn't even stomach one cup of COFFEE with Sharpton on the other side of the table). If the Republicans are successful (or if not), they WILL “go the way ot the Whigs,” off into political history, where they belong, leaving the way clear for the Tea Party to become the “opposition party” with gonads. Trump is going to make political history, and that's a fact. (Just common sense)

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