Friday, February 26, 2016

"Shouldn't Own Guns"

Obama says he doesn't want to take your guns. That's right before he signed an “executive order” to take your guns. It's a little hard to take his words seriously when that happens. But, of course, those of us who can see through this con artist know that if he says it, it MUST be false. Another factor is a statement he made in 1996 to writer Jazz Shaw: “I don't think people should be able to have guns.” That seems like more of an honest statement, since it was said in private, to a colleague. Compare it with his current actions designed to take your guns and his current lies that he “respects the Second Amendment,” respect the right to bear arms,” and “respect people who want a gun for self protection.”

But none of those comments made recently, jibe with his earlier statement, made when he didn't think it would ever be quoted. Basically, he thinks nobody should be able to have a gun—except him or his cohorts. He wants to deny us the right to the means of self defense while he runs around SURROUNDED by ARMED gunmen. He thinks because he doesn't carry a gun himself, he's not a hypocrite. But, like all the other anti-gun fools who run around surrounded by armed thugs, he IS a hypocrite. He thinks he, and his cronies, are “smarter than the average bear” and should be allowed guns, while we're too stupid to do likewise. (Hot Air)

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