Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gullible Americans

You'd think Americans, who have “lived free” all their lives, would be able to spot the irregularities in the blattiing of the Democrat politicians who are fighting to become the most powerful socialist in the nation. But they can't, if all they want is a “free ride,” and to hell with everything else. Hillary and Bernie are elbowing each other aside to promise the most “freebies” that WE have to pay for. Hillary denies it, but Bernie ADMITS that he is a socialist, but just listen to what they are BOTH promising: all kinds of “freebies” if they get elected. They never say how they will PAY for such expensive freebies, but those of us smart enough to see it KNOW it will be those of us willing and able to EARN for ourselves that will be LOOTED by the government looters, to pay for what they have promised the moochers.

Bernie is promising free college educations for EVERYBODY. A college education is NOT necessary in order to live a good life. That's one reason it is so expensive. It's only for those who have the money to pay for it. Another reason it's so expensive is that it is even now mostly paid for by the government, so colleges raise their prices to con us out of more money. He's also promising Medicare for EVERYONE! What better way to BANKRUPT this nation! Hillary is promising many other “freebies,” all paid for by those willing to WORK and EARN money, giving it, UNEARNED, to those whop are NOT. The problem today is we are nearing a MAJORITY of “freebie hunters” out there, who continue to vote socialist FOOLS into office so as to get their “freebies,” and keep them coming. As long as their freebies keep coming, they don't care if we end up under a socialist/communist dictatorship. That we will become socialism's next “showcase country” for the next few years until it inevitably crumbles, as did the Soviet Union. (Professor Walter E. Williams)

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