Thursday, February 25, 2016

The "Wide-Open Spaces"

Most of which is “owned” by the federal government. And how did they GET it? Mostly by “ponying up” false charges against land owners, or through “brutal land-grabs, so they could just TAKE their land and make it look legal. The “grazing fees they claim are owed are on the land they “grabbed by simply “deciding it was theirs.” Look at the map in the linked story and you'll see the amazing amount of government-owned land in the West. They “own” almost ALL of Nevada. They could NOT have obtained that much land legally. One way is to claim “grazing fees” that ranchers don't really owe, and can't afford to pay if they did. One rancher set fires on their own land, which is CLAIMED by the feds, as a safety measure, and went to jail for a short time. The feds weren't satisfied, though, and in direct contravention of the Constitution, re-arrested the rancher and his son and put them BACK in prison for a LONG time. An action GUARANTEED to RUIN them, and causing a deadly response (deadly to a rancher, that is). (Town Hall)

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