Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Has "Trump Fever" Broken?

That's a question asked by Ed Morissey, writer for Hot Air, a pretty much conservative web site I go to on a regular basis. But has it? I don't THINK so. In places like Iowa, they're suspicious of “big money boys,” and he lost by a “thin margin.” I won't call it “razor thin” because it's a little wider than that between Hillary and her only REAL opponent, admitted socialist Bernie Sanders. Note the results from New Hampshire, where he has a LOT of support. Trump haters LEAP on ANY “bandwagon they can find to say he's “losing it.” But he's not used to losing, and he will “pull out all the stops after this, his first loss. He keeps pushing about the Cruz “Canadian birth,” but that didn't work with Obama and his “Libyan birth,” and it isn't going to work here, either. Unlike Obama, Cruz has a clear claim to American citizenship, because his mother was an American citizen. (Ed Morissey)

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