Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama Claims Kill

As usual, Obama is claiming responsibility for kills the British made. Just the other day, a British sniper literally blew the head off an Islamic terrorist who was teaching new recruits how to behead prisoners, from a quarter mile away. One minute he was demonstrating how to behead somebody, the next, he was standing there (for a second) without a head, that body part being many feet behind him, in pieces. And Obama, in a news conference (without specifically mentioning this specific kill) talked about OUR advances against Islamic terrorists (never using the words, “ISLAMIC terrorists,” of course). He continues to take credit for the actions of “Seal Team 6” in killing Osama bin Laden (the “butcher of 9/11), who all died, to a man, in a plane crash, soon after (Obama probably "outed" them). Of course, all he did there was say, “yes or no” when asked for permission to do the raid. (Just common sense)

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