Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gun Hater Gets Shot

She needed a gun, desperately. But she didn't have one, so she got shot. Unfortunately, even though she survived, she will probably not learn a lesson from being shot. The only reason she and her daughter survived is because the criminal allowed it, and didn't finish the job. Andrea Koller, a teacher who is very vocal in her opposition to guns (saying nothing about the criminals and their violence) tried bravely to stop the criminal from pistol-whipping her daughter, and got shot. Why the criminals didn't finish the job, I don't know. Maybe her fighting them frightened them off. Most criminals are cowards, of course, so that's quite possible. She'll probably redouble her efforts against guns, but not against the criminals who USE guns to commit violence. As with most people who hate guns, this woman had NO “situational awareness” as the criminals “shadowed her” right to the hotel entrance while she was blissfully unaware of their presence until they started pistol-whipping her daughter. THEN she woke up and ran out to help her daughter, and got shot. If she had HAD a gun, the situation might have turned out differently, But she will not realize that. The chances that the gun used by the criminals was registered is very small, so no law would have made any difference—except one that allowed HER to be armed. (Bearing Arms).

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