Sunday, February 21, 2016

We Need to Get Serious

There's a good reason why the Islamic terrorists are making such progress. That's because nobody's taking them SERIOUSLY. Obama just wants to “contain them.” Other countries are following suit. France is taking them seriously after the Paris killings, but France just isn't big enough to DESTROY them, as devious as they are, and that's what we need to do. As quickly as possible. I remember George Bush talking about “shock and awe” in going after them, destroying everything they have, everything they ARE. What we need to do now is destroy everything they ever HOPED to be. Leave NOTHING of them left, not even an idea. We need to wipe them off the face of the Earth, root and branch. That includes expelling all the “peaceful Muslims” from America so they can no longer make trouble for us by being “offended” by what, for us, is NORMAL If ever there were a group that needed to be COMPLETELY destroyed, they are it.

They have done nothing, EVER, but screw up the works everywhere they are. Way back when this country was in its infancy, they were PIRATES. We destroyed what they were, back then, by sending in the Marines. But the infusion of money into their lives by the oil WE helped them bring up from the ground (they didn't know how), allowed them to start paying for their atrocities again, on an even larger scale. And America helped, after Obama got in charge, by “cutting and running” from Iraq and Afghanistan after we had WON in both places, leaving billions of dollars' worth of ordinance, equipment, and guns for them to steal and use to kill even more people. After we helped them get “filthy rich,” they STOLE what we had built, and used it against us. They are the “scum of the Earth” and need to be wiped out, to a man. (Constitution)

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