Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No God In Islam

Muslims insist that Allah is not the “same God Christians worship,” and they're right. There IS no God in Islam. Islam is a POLITICAL MOVEMENT DISGUISED as a religion, so they can take advantage of the “perks” we offer to religions. It was started by a pedophile who had a nine-year-old “wife,” and APPROVED of screwing little children, thus creating a “rape culture” where screwing little boys (and girls) was “a cultural thing.” Where they're so afraid of another man wanting to have sex with their women they insist on them never going outside by themselves, and must be accompanied by a male member of their family, and wearing what amounts to a TENT. They know that, in their “Rape culture,” that is an easy possibility. Allah does not exist. He is a “made-up entity” to facilitate worship by ignorant people, and Muslim leaders work HARD to keep most Muslims ignorant, especially the women, who are barred from going to school, by law, in Muslim-run countries. In addition, the Koran instructs Muslims to KILL people who follow other religions, or convert them to Islam. (CNS News)

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