Friday, February 19, 2016

"Islamaphobia Tracker?"

That's what the Huffington Post is about to launch. As liberals always do, they line up with the wrong side. They completely ignore the fact that radical MUSLIMS are KILLING people for not being Muslims. Or worse, the KIND of Muslims of which they approve. They consider being against Muslims as “irrational,” when it is ENTIRELY rational to dislike and fear people who are KILLING people like you for not “knuckling under” and becoming a Muslim. Will they continue this idiocy after Muslims start killing Huffington Post employees? Will it continue after Islamic terrorists kidnap and kill a Huffington Post reporter? As usual, they completely forget the crimes committed by Muslims, not only against US, but against other Muslims, as well. Like murdering their own daughters for being seen talking to the wrong man or showing so much as a bare ANKLE in public, or beaten (sometimes to death) for that “terrible crime.” They ignore the fact that it is a “cultural thing” among Muslims to screw little BOYS (and girls). That Islam was STARTED by a pedophile who had a NINE-YEAR-OLD WIFE. And that he incorporated approval of pedophilia into his “religion” so he could continue to screw little girls. And he also incorporated MURDER of people who refused to “convert” to Islam or, once converted, convert to a different religion in his single-handedly written MANUAL they call the Koran, which is supposed to stand beside our BIBLE as religious instruction. (Just common sense)

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