Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Congress: Do Your Job":

That's what Obama is telling Congress as he tries valiantly to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice that will make the Court a “liberal bastion” for many years to come. What he doesn't tell you is is it the JOB of Congress sometimes, to BE “obstructionist” in order to stop a president from taking over completely. So go ahead and appoint somebody, and send it to them for their “advice and consent.” If they vote that appointee down, as this Congress is expected to do, they ARE “doing their jobs.” It is NOT their job to “rubber stamp” what the president wants. They are a “co-equal branch” of this government, with as much power between them as that of the president, and it is their RIGHT to disagree with the president, and make it stick. Obama needs to remember this. He SAYS he is a “constitutional scholar” but he really knows NOTHING about the Constitution, and uses the Constitution to suit his whims. That he gets away with it is a testament to the number of his “”henchmen” that  are in his administration. When people disagree with him, he whines about them “doing their job,.” which they ARE doing. Or he calls them racist. (Hot Air)

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