Monday, February 29, 2016

Anti-Gun Hypocrites

I've written a lot lately about anti-gun hypocrites and their circle of ARMED guards that surround them. Yes, they don't carry guns, themselves (mostly), so they can say they don't. But they either can AFFORD to PAY for other people to carry their guns for them, with OUR money, or with their own. But rarely with their own, especially in the case of government employees. But some private citizens who happen to be rich can pay for their own, and DO. As witness the anti-gun fools at the recent Golden Globes event, who showed up, SURROUNDED by armed security. As usual. There were bomb-sniffing dogs; the “red carpet” was “cleared” by security, and there were even snipers on roofs (hopefully, all of them to PROTECT attendees). The same was evident at the Oscars, while they touted “gun control (their kind).” They don't even TRY to conceal their hypocrisy. They had soldier-looking guards with automatic weapons, and even had an armored vehicle. This, from people who SAY guns in YOUR hands won't stop victimization by criminals, crazies, and terrorists. (Twitchy)

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