Monday, February 22, 2016

Ignoring the Obvious

Pittsburgh TV station ran an editorial that said “Obama's appointment of a replacement for Antonin Scalia deserves serious consideration.” They're right. If he nominates one of his “wild-haired liberal” friends, it DOES “deserve serious consideration,” and then REJECTION, as the Congress has the right to do, as a “co-equal” branch of government. Congress is NOT “subservient” to the president. It has exactly as much power (as a group) as he does, and as does the Supreme Court, under the Constitution. They can vote his appointment up or down, and should vote it down. Why? Because this is a 'pivotal nomination” that can create COMPLETE CONTROL of the Judiciary by the Democrats for generations. Forget the First amendment. Forget the Second amendment. Forget freedom. They'll soon be gone if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2016 with another liberal fool on the court. Whoever is the Democrat top dog will become a DICTATOR and we will be the next “Socialist Republic in the world. Communism's next “showcase nation” until it, too, collapses, as it did in Russia, and has in other socialist countries as the socialist countries propping them up themselves, collapse. (Town Hall)

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