Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Toughest Job In the World"

It only pays, what? $200,000 a year? But people spend MILLIONS to get it. If they win. Their lives are forever changed. They can never again just “jump in the car and stop by the grocery for a gallon of milk.” Everywhere they go has to be particularly covered by the Secret Service. Somebody (a whole TEAM of somebodies) has to go there FIRST and check everything out so that some fool won't be able to kill the president. And this extends to AFTER their presidency ends, too, because everything a president does makes an enemy of SOMEBODY, and some of their enemies are fools who will KILL if they don't like what you do. And some of those people hold grudges long AFTER the president leaves office.

The workload for a president is IMMENSE. He/she's lucky to be able to get a good night's sleep, not only from worrying about what to do to solve a problem, and thinking about how his/her decisions can mean DEATH for somebody. His/her every move is examined, analyzed, criticized, often unfairly, and the things said about him/her are really bad. They have to worry about the safety of their CHILDREN, who HATE being accompanied everywhere by men and women with guns, and having no privacy, at all. Hillary has an ad running right now to point this out, where she says SHE is the one (intimating that she is the ONLY one) who can “do this job.” She couldn't even handle the job of Secretary of State without getting a lot of people killed, unnecessarily. What makes her think she can handle the PRESIDENCY? (Just common sense)

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