Monday, February 15, 2016

Stop Obama NOW!

The Senate GOP can, and MUST stop Obama from appointing a replacement for Justice Scalia. He can appoint as many prospects as he wants, but the Senate doesn't have to ratify them. That's their right, under the Constitution, as a “co-equal branch of government.” They can refuse to ratify every candidate he sends up, until he is no longer in power—IF they have the gonads. If he is allowed to appoint Scalia's successor, and get him/her ratified, he will make the Court a liberal “rubber stamp” for decades to come. That's unacceptable for a :”lame duck president” to do so, and the Senate GOP has the power to stop him, as they must. The Obama forces will “pull out all the stops” because they know this is their chance to “have their way” for years to come. They will try every dirty trick there is to accomplish it. Scalia was the main block to many of their “flights of fancy” they called “laws” and “rules” that were blatantly unconstitutional. Things like Roe v. Wade, which resulted in the DEATH of millions of innocent babies for the CONVENIENCE of the parents. (He was unsuccessful in this case) There IS precedent for this. The Democrats did it to keep George Bush from nominating a Justice. In fact, they blocked ALL appointments for a time. As usual, they want to stop the GOP from doing what THEY, themselves did. (Town Hall)

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