Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Obama's Bad News

He's finally being “called” on one of his unconstitutional orders. The one further limiting our right to own and use guns for self defense. Freedom Watch has filed suit against him personally, for circumventing (bypassing) Congress. A president cannot do that, just because he doesn't like the actions of Congress. Congress is NOT “subservient” to the president, they are EQUAL to the president. If they don't act like he wishes, there's nothing LEGAL he can do about it. He can whine and cry all he wants, call them a “do-nothing Congress,” or just “lazy.” But he can do NOTHING oh change what they do, under the law. Of course, Obama is the worst lawbreaking president in memory, so he doesn't care about that. But it's going to take somebody with GUTS to “bring him down.” I think Freedom Watch is that. They had the guts to file the suit, and he's going to have to GO to court and testify in his own behalf, unless he finds a way to “squirrel” out of it. Obama thinks he's a king, and he must be disabused of that notion. (Q Political)

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