Thursday, February 25, 2016

How Stupid ARE They?

Liberals think all they need to do is raise the minimum wage to make things okay. They refuse to know that raising the minimum wage to such astronomical levels as $15.00 and even $30.00 an hour will make it impossible for businesses to hire beginning employees with NO SKILLS, which will first, cause them to FIRE those employees, and second, after finding they cannot operate without them doing their mundane, no-skill jobs, go out of business. Now a liberal Representative from Illinois says, he “has no problem with raising the minimum wage to $30.00 an hour! You just CANNOT pay unskilled beginning employees that much and stay in business. They learned that in Seattle, where they raised it to $15.00 an hour, and immediately lost 700 jobs in the city by restaurants that could not pay that much for people to carry food to their tables, by firing people and then going out of business. This is obvious, but they IGNORE facts and keep on making their STUPID laws, which destroy employment and make the economic picture worse. It's like the liberals WANT to do that! (CNS News)

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